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    After reviewing and selecting the right pair of skis you should consider several possibilities to buy them for an appropriate price. One possibility is to buy skis after season, in spring, when prices are lower than during the season. A very good way is to visit a fair of ski equipment and probably the best way for buying is e-bay (amazon or alibaba).

    Why? Because you can buy them for a more reduced price than in any other place, during the season as well. Sometimes you must wait for a good opportunity, but this is easier than paying for something more expensive. Don't forget, for the price difference you can stay a day or two longer on a mountain during your vacation. If you are a passionate skier or admirer of nature, that would be very important. You need to have a pay pal account (or alipay) and a little patience for a good purchase. I realize the importance of being the owner of the best equipment for my needs which means I shouldn’t allow any compromises at all. Choosing the best equipment limits dangerous situations due to a human factor. I feel safe when I keep my self-confidence. That is not easy, but it's much better than being on a top of a mountain and have an accident because, for instance, your binding doesn’t follow up your straining, or your skis haven’t got the 'Direct Power Transmission’ whilst you expected them to have that system for ski edge stability. Every year, we have tested all the top models at the opening season on 'Mölltaler gletscher', and after a couple of hours of testing we couldn’t resist. Very often, those models have met all our requirements. Our satisfaction couldn’t be more complete. Those skis were so perfect and we didn’t have the slightest problem in bringing decisions. Not long after trying those ski models, we bought them and we put them under some real testing. My friends and I made some choices and we were also completely satisfied with Atomic, Rossignol, Fisher, Völkl, Blizzard and Head models.

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