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       Brazil is an excellent destination for those who love surfing. Rio de Janeiro is known as a world top class surfing center, but there are other major travel Brazilian destinations, also with excellent conditions for surfing.

      The Ceará - a northeastern state, with Fortaleza as its capital and main hub - offers the best conditions for windsurfing. If you are a passionate windsurfer and you’re looking for a great windsurfing destination in the southern hemisphere, look no further than Jijoca de Jericoacoara (Brazilian state of Ceará). It's guaranteed in Jericoacoara: peace, fun, adventure and over all ideal for those looking to escape the everyday stress... Not a place just to enjoy, is to feel. If you want to know a place with great beauty, with a constant contact with nature, then without a doubt this is your paradise.

      The best months to go to Jericoacoara (Jeri) for wind are from June till December. The water temperature in Jericoacoara is high enough so you do not need a wetsuit.

      The word Jericoacoara comes from Tupi (an indigenous language) and means "house of turtles." Over the years, the village has adapted itself to the expectations of its visitors. Another important aspect of Jericoacoara is sport. Schools of windsurfing, kitesurfing, capoeira (a cultural pass-time that includes fighting, dancing, popular cultural pursuits and music developed by African slaves in Brazil) are some of the most important attractions of the region. Windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions are periodically held in Jeri by the best organizations in Brazil and in the world.

      Don’t forget: Jericoacoara is located within a National Park, where ecology is highly valued the residents.

     The Ceará region of the coast is parallel to the equator, and also parallel to the trade winds. The lack of natural barriers is the primary reason that these winds can run down the coastline at full force.


     Lugar exclusivo, perfeito e fascinante para viagens de kite e windsurf. O litoral de Jericoacoara e Preá é um dos melhores destinos do mundo graças aos ventos Aliseus que sopram do leste para o oeste sem obstáculos naturais chegando até  X nós no máximo da intensidade.



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