Balance can mean very different things to everyone. Very often we have a huge problem to balance our every day’s obligations and acts. Our activity needs, almost every day, some new energy or ideas to overcome common situations, especially the unwanted ones.                                                                     

        Balancing our time to increase productivity also might lead us to overload. That happens when someone has too much work to complete in too little time or when we have a deadline for our projects. It all results in us feeling rushed, time-crunched and in the end we may end up suffering from depression, anxiety and stress or a combination of these. To avoid this scenario we need balance in life. Probably we can never achieve a perfect balance. Sometimes we’re going to work ourselves too hard with a possibility of burning out, and too much entertainment can slow us down. It’s all about the balancing act. Personal improvement is critical for the overall balance of our well-being. If we want success in our life sometimes we need to correct ourselves or balance our moves.

        Similarly, sport challenges, which depend on nature laws, demand balance. Metaphorically, like our thoughts change our life and lead us to stand up no matter what, our moves on a board or on skis must follow physical laws and all forces which affect us when surfing or skiing. Balance in windsurfing or skiing is more important than physical strenght.


When you fall off the windsurfing board, you lose one of the four balances.


You need to keep the board flat at all times. If the board heels, you slide off;


Keep your weight on the back foot and the driving force on the front foot. This way, when the wind is weak or changeable, you keep balancing on your back foot;


Rig balance - If your rig is balanced, it can't pull you into the water. The mast must be slightly over the centre line. Keep it raked toward the wind;


Power balance – it means that we have to balance ourselves against the wind. A well balanced rig can be left alone for a second or so, while it floats on the wind. When the wind gets strong, it will be providing enough power to let the surfer hang on the rig, helping to balance the rig against the wind;



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         Beginners often have trouble staying on the windsurfing board (or skis). They will find it much easier to stay on them, once they know what these balances are and how to keep them.

         Find and keep your balances and enjoy life. 





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