Recognize your aspiration

                          "Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."

                                                                           - George Bernard Shaw



          Everyone aspires to be happy, and it is a natural human quality to include others in this aspiration. We want our family and friends to be prosperous and content. Naturally, we need for ourselves the same and we try to organize our life for improvements. Aspiration is the fuel of change. It feeds our hope that life could be better or more meaningful, and our willingness to do something differently to make this happen. It is a call for action. The happiest and most content people are usually those who have found a way to put their aspirations for self and others into practice. What can we do to turn our aspirations into reality? We are limited only by our actions and words. Many people understand that and their life is full of interests, but many more have limitations and blockades. Those who realize the ability to rise to the challenge in order to realize the full potential might fulfill their life aspirations. They are pushing the boundaries, going beyond and realizing their true passion. For others who don’t share these aspirations, life stories may seem daunting and out of reach. Firstly, we might find out that everything we did consists of small choices and steps, and many of them are possible for anyone. After that we should taste and realize our unique potential. Finally, we should recognize our aspirations. That wouldn’t be so difficult, but what can we do after? Would we achieve our aspirations? It is the voice inside that urges us to use our life well and to make the best of whatever gifts and passions we possess. The way we choose to respond to that voice will determine all the choices we make in our lives.

    “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” One of the best ways is creating yourself through sport activities. Releasing yourself in sports and physical activities we strengthen our will and recharge energy, following the today’s pace of life.

    Try to enjoy yourself by being a part of magnificent nature. If you are a passionate fan of nature you haven’t got any problems with coldness and bad mountain weather. You'll find many reasons to stand there and enjoy yourselves in any and all weather conditions.


Recognize your sport aspiration and reach wisdom.




You have surely witnessed by now a great reflection of a mountain, a tree or the sky blue on a water surface. Whether it was the sea, a lake or a clear mountain water it doesn’t matter. The interesting thing is that such a reflection strengthens the feeling and extends the beauty by a rule.

The nature multiplies beauty itself in such a spectacular way. Doesn’t it make its grandiosity even bigger?! Even the desolate, snow-bound mountain environment together with its reflection seems powerful. These pictures of reflection from the water are signs for us. Nature is the ultimate teacher. We should watch and learn from it. That beauty reflected within ourselves can become our beauty. We absorb it from our environment and the beauty overtakes us.

Our reflection towards the outside, should follow these paths.

Extend the beauty through your reflection. 

Motivation and performance 

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