Different experiences




       I kind of learned the basic steps when I was really young, and not just the basic steps, some choreography as well. However, in my home town we had the luck of having to deal with this guy who cheated us all, as he was the only one to organise a course of Latin dancing. He taught us some steps in the beginning without going into trouble of making us practice harder and going to the next level. He made us feel good by giving the ones, who had started the first at the time, a chance to show the newcomers the same steps he taught us. It went on for like two years or something. We even participated in some local competitions. Small town, small event and small recognition! However, what good came out of it is the everlasting passion for dancing. I embraced every opportunity to be a part of a group of people who shared my passion. In the moments of reluctance and unease of being new in a group, a very good friend and my “guru” told me not to wait for the people I know to join the same dancing group and that I will make new friends easily. And that is so true and so difficult to overcome when you’re young and maybe timid or when you are looking for reasons not to move yourself and just do it no matter what.

      So, it’s important that you embrace every opportunity that your surrounding is offering and just enjoy yourself. Not everyone can dance in the best dancing school or become a pro, but following your desire is the most fulfilling thing to do for yourself. I am quite sure that this helped me reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches I developed during a period of tension, which is something we all have to cope with nowadays.                    







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