Different experiences



      Another very good way that one can find challenging in keeping one’s body fit and mind nurtured by constant feeling of youth and positive energy is dancing. I fell in love with this sport when I was only little, when I went from a very cheerful folk dancing that I found at the time to be the dance of a whole different generation, to the nowadays rediscovered Latin dance that most certainly suits any age and generation.

      Just by mere watching other people dance, I feel refreshed and ready to make the very same steps immediately. Or so it seems! Of course it isn’t that simple at all. Sometimes we look at a modern painting feeling that it isn’t so hard to mix all these colours in a perfect squash that anyone could do it, but if we try, we will discover that it takes a lot more than just a whim.

      Even for professional and very talented dancers it takes an enormous amount of energy and practice to be able to perform as well as they do. However natural they are in their figures, it only shows their dedication and determination to reach perfection.

     Although perfection does not necessarily have to be the goal of a recreational dancer without any competitive plans ahead, it can certainly be a motivational factor. I truly believe that setting your mind and body to anything that makes you feel good about yourself is the key to any success. If you believe you can dance as good as any professional dancer, your mind will help your body in fulfilling your very special dream.

     The next step is finding a good dance instructor in your town, which sometimes might be difficult. You can also try learning from a CD or something, but it’s so much different in real life that I wouldn’t even recommend it. Latin and ballroom dancing types are in fact about feeling the music, the rhythm and your partner’s reactions in trying to make a perfect match. It’s about listening and being aware of one another. Watching a course on the internet can of course be helpful in mastering some technical issues, which are in my opinion very important for any dancer, professional or recreational. Even if you dance just for fun, some basic technical lectures are obligatory. In fact, if you learn a basic step without going into details and technicalities, you risk missing the point and mistakenly dancing every next step in some more complex figures to come. Only by mastering the technique you make progress and can become an advanced recreational dancer. So, concentrate on the basic step and practice, carefully listening to your instructor. In that case, any next figure will be easier and simpler to do at any next level you might achieve. Only by correcting your mistakes you make progress, so don’t be afraid to make them. It takes time to really master a step and just let go and enjoy the music. Don’t get me wrong, dancing is all about enjoying yourself and having fun, but wanting to do it right, makes you feel so much better in the end.


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