Altitude and risk

    Part III


        Direct physical risk factors:


- Temperature effects are phenomena caused by drastic atmosphere temperature deviation from the normal body temperature. These effects are compensated by adequate clothing and food.


- Light effects are deviations of the level of illumination or light spectrum from the normal level of light that the eye is accustomed to. Prolonged reside and moving across a land covered in snow or over a rocky terrain of bright shades, carries a risk of sun blindness. It is caused by the aggression of ultraviolet radiation on the cornea and retina manifested only 6 – 8 hours after the exposure to the light effect. This should be taken into account during a day exposure to the sun as the consequences will be felt only during the evening and night...


- Avalanche is a snow-free mass movement under the influence of gravity. Snow mass is previously brought to the point of sliding. Different layers of snow have different resistance to shock and mechanical impacts. Snowmass relieve some mechanical impact, most usually vibration of air or soil. They lead to cracking the snow surface, which remains under the weight of snow retreats and other layers of snow that could possibly withstand the pressure. The real risk of avalanche is a danger of hitting the ground and objects carried by the avalanche, the risk of suffocation and freezing. When being covered by an avalanche snow, the most important are the first 5 to 15 minutes depending on how big oxygen reserves could the person have created around the face and body.

   The procedure in case of an avalanche is as follows: getting rid of all the equipment off your body, swimming to the sides of the avalanche zones, emerging to the surface in the area of deceleration, conquering some space in order to bread and move, keeping calm, excavation and exit. You need to consider that everything happens very quickly and that it is practically impossible to do all of the above measures. For this reason, preventive action or following instructions and set rules in a given area is crucial.

   We will be providing details on the methods of prevention, search and all the first aid in case of avalanches in our next articles.


       Indirect factors: Getting lost, Dark, Fog, Rain, Blizzard

Altitude mountain - avalanche

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