Altitude and risk

    Part I


        As an introduction to this topic, we shall list some general facts and try to systematise them. Spending time in mountainous areas causes various changes in our body, which may have different reactions. Preparation is obligatory and a useful thing can also be to read several brief counselling features about this topic.

    This particularly refers to the people living and working in big cities who still feel the need to run away for a few days from the city hustle into peaceful mountainous areas for an active vacation. Besides skiing and hiking, mountains offer other forms of physical and recreational activities such as mountain biking, walking and rafting....

    For those who feel to be lacking the strength and time to organise themselves, we suggest that they change those circumstances as soon as possible and find a new motive by travelling to mountains at least several times a year and getting involved in mentioned activities. This small effort in the beginning shall cause many benefits later, when you go back to your every-day activities. With recharged batteries and recovered, you will bear with the problems and duties incomparably easier. The following text should be considered as short recommendations and warnings, rather than something that should scare you. Let these warnings encourage and motivate you to be active. Anyway, once you get familiar with them, get ready for them and take the necessary preparatory measures, the pleasure of staying on a mountain will be complete. :)

    By going to mountainous area, we leave behind all the mechanisms of safety and comfort that the urban surroundings provide us with daily. We get in close contact with the nature and we are left with our ability to adjust to the conditions of the given surroundings more or less. If we are not psychologically and physically prepared, we bring ourselves to risks and dangers of getting hurt. It is important to truly evaluate our physical state and condition and act accordingly during our mountain activities.

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