By the definition of the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM, 2001), physical activity is every body movement, resulting in muscle contraction and leading to energy burning. This encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, playing, physical (body) exercises, competitive sport disciplines, but also the physical effort during professional activities or during housework activities, simply any kind of physical work. Physical activity, in the form of a meaningful physical exercise, has an extremely positive effect on human physical health. The symptoms of depression, the phenomena so inherent in modern society, are reduced by physical exercise as effectively as by psychotherapy. Physical exercise is an ideal valve for previous frustrations, as well as a means of psychological preparation for facing the challenges of modern life. Physical influence of exercising is reflected in a harmoniously developed body, high level of development of motor skills, numerous motor habits, harmonious functioning of body organs and body system, etc…


    One of the main ways of recreation and physical activity, unavoidable throughout the whole year, is fast walking!


    We will give some basic information about slow running as an ideal way of getting rid of unwanted body fat, and different ways of recreation and physical activity in pre-season period.








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