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Zone of extensive aerobic training - useful changes in our body


        For the preseason of skiers, we suggest the aerobic training zone – the intensity in this zone is low, approximately 65% - 80% off the anaerobic threshold (long jogging, cycling, etc.). It is a training zone that serves to build, and possibly maintain, primarily peripheral, aerobic endurance (extensive aerobic training). Lactate production is at a sufficiently low level to enable high volume of training. Slow oxidative muscle fibres become stronger and more capable of producing energy oxidative degradation of fat, whilst saving the breakdown of carbohydrates (glycogen and glucose). The intensity of training should be gradually increased as we are getting closer to the skiing vacation.


       Under the influence of this extensive aerobic training numerous positive physiological and morphological changes happen in our body, such as:

  • Long-term continuous load increases venous flow in particular, which leads to the increase of cardiac coop and striking volume of heart. This allows the heart to pump the same amount of blood with a lower number of beats per time unit.

  • Continuous long-term low intensity load decrease early morning heart pulse, as well as the heart frequency at the state of rest.

  • The volume of blood that further transmits large quantities of haemoglobin in active muscles is increased

  • The reserves of muscle glycogen are increased.

  • Muscle capillarization is increased, as well as the number of capillaries that surround and supply a particular muscle fibre, which helps improve aerobic capacity

  • Thermoregulation is increased (tolerance to high temperature).

  • Respiratory endurance is increased (ventilatory lung capacity and respiratory musculature).

  • The amount of body fat or weight ballast is reduced;

  • Strengthening of connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) and the resilience of muscle fibres to injuries during the most important training is increased.



      All these changes in our body are extremely useful and these are the reasons why we should be doing sports, improve our overall health condition.

                            Let us be wise and regularly attend aerobic sports training.



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