Skiing Tips

"Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.

   But wisdom comes by putting things together. "

                        – John A. Morrison

Save yourself from injuries - ADVANCED

 The Advanced skiers



     This group of skiers is presumed to be the safest of all the others. Many of them ski their whole life and we see them on ski trails with professional technique, aggressive skiing and good quality equipment. We are all impressed by them, but they are exposed to a much higher risk than anyone else. Why? Very often they choose to go off path, into deep snow or tree areas, because only then they can feel the adrenalin and the pleasure of skiing. We are talking about ski terrain where a little error can have quite significant consequences. 

     Experienced skiers need to be at risk in order to experience satisfaction, to improve their skills and for that boost of adrenalin. However, they become better than others when they control a tough situation, consider a risk and take just as much as they can overcome. We call them skilled, advanced and professional.

In reality, senses and capability of avoiding an accident makes you an advanced and skilled skier in comparison with the others. As you notice, we could be all of that and take care of ourselves and the others at the same time. Only when a skier understands that, he/she actually becomes experienced, adrenalin dependent, but wise for always keeping safety deep in their mind. 

 'Be wise, choose safety and enjoy more'.