Adrenalin sports – How to save yourself from injuries


Adrenalin by Skiing and windsurfing


What would we do when the wind increases even more, and it is difficult to stay on the board, when large waves pull you into the water? You must be wise enough to wear life jacket!


    This example explains very well the whole essence of safety in risky and dangerous sport situations, when it is necessary to think preventively. Prevention is a key factor that will take us, if we are wise and smart enough, to adrenalin rush of waters and safely back to a secure place. Depending on the sport we do, different information and training are necessary for preparation. We can follow weather forecast, listen to advice of the experienced, think about our inner feeling which often infallibly tells us if we are ready for some sport challenge and weather we can take the risk in that particular moment. Sometimes it is enough to just wait for the next day and all the benefits of a desired challenge can be ours and we can avoid the unnecessary risk. This is hard, I agree, adrenalin makes us take many foolish steps, as the satisfaction and joy get even stronger. But there are some tricks here that the experienced adrenalin addicted athletes use. Let’s mention several concrete situations and comment on them.  

     When large waves pull you into the water you must not panic, but get out of the water as soon as possible, take the board or sail and try to get ready for another climbing and pulling the rig out.

     If we are taken by the avalanche in the mountains, the reaction must also be fast and we should try to deal with  the snow and push it underneath us, so that our body is as close to the surface as possible when the avalanche stops. This reaction could save our life because we would shorten the time necessary to remove the snow above us. How to avoid panic in this and similar situations?

Act preventively !

The main thing is not to try these activities in unfamiliar areas, bays, unexplored slopes. It is important to find out as much as possible from local boys and girls who work in rescue teams, get ready (use internet, books, advice of the famous, etc. ). If we are ready for something and we expect it to happen, our reaction would be in line with the desired. It is important to do everything in a group of at least several people, by no means alone.

      In order to win strong rapids by rafting on a mountain river, it is always better to start the preparations in the period when the level of water is lower and 'go downstream’. Prepare yourself and pay attention to critical points, feel the water and the mountain…later return, usually in spring or first summer months, when the level of water is several times bigger and experience full adrenalin! You’ll feel safer, more complete and the pleasure will be full.


     From previous experience the most common time when accidents occur is the beginning and the end of the day. At the beginning of a ride (skiing, windsurfing or other) the body is not warmed up yet (although we stretched and did the basic warm up, but that is not enough for full activity), we get used to the current conditions. The most important thing is that the adrenalin is high and by that the possibility for making a mistake or experiencing an accident is also very high. Therefore, it is important to start an activity a little slower, get used to a day, weather conditions, equipment, ourselves…a day may be bad because we feel bad, so we need to listen to our body and it will tell us everything.

Likewise, at the end of a day we are tired and this period is probably the most risky. That’s why we have to pay special attention to the last ride on the board and sail or that last lift we are trying to catch at the end of a day. It is not just our experience that will 'save' us there, we have to work on our self-control as well! There usually is a problem, because we want to take that one last lift in particular, or just another wave or 'giro' with the sail (out in the open sea and back ).       

     The right moment to stop daily activities, when we are usually enjoying the most, is crucial.

Do not take advice from people around you or your friends if you are not completely sure. You are not worse than your colleagues if you run to the cost or to a warm restaurant on a mountain before they do. You just had enough for the day and that’s it! If you find the right balance for a particular moment, you become an expert and people around you will recognise and feel it. They will appreciate you even more and you will become a person of trust, someone who should be listened to when making important decisions. This is practiced and developed over time and we become sport and adrenalin wiser. . .

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